Constant quality  since 1976

  • 1976:
On 1. April 1976, Heinz Steegmüller has founded the company Kaminoflex in Villingen-Schwenningen. Together with two employees he produced chimney insert pipes and accessories. On-time delivery was ensured by a company owned truck. His management of continuity and flexibility guaranteed the steady growth of the company.
  • 1980:
Laying of the foundation stone for the current production plant in the Heinkelstraße 15.
  • 1981:
The company moved into the new building with 700 square metres. The staff increases to 20 employees.
  • 1984:
First plant extension becomes necessary: a total of 1450 square metres were available afterwards. A new warehouse was made. The company counts now 40 employees altogether.
  • 1985 - 1990:
Once again, extension of the production plant and warehouse up to 5250 square metres and increasing of the staff to 100 employees. Enlargement of the production range by a double wall chimney system and accessories. Conversion of the order acceptance and order processing to a modern computer system.
  • 1990 - today:
Enlargement of the production plant and warehouse area up to 7000 square metres. Own truck-fleet with 8 vehicles and machinery conversion to modern laser technology.

CE-certification of all products and launching of a Vermiculite shaft system for all standard furnaces in new building and renovation. Addition of the double wall chimney product range, through a new, cheap system.