KaminoFLEX AGL is a flexible, top quality pipe of chromium nickel molybdenum steel! KaminoFLEX fits into every chimney.

What is KaminoFLEX AGL?


KaminoFLEXis a flexible, top quality pipe of chromium nickel molybdenum steel!

KaminoFLEXfits into every chimney. Thanks to its low weight, no expensive construction work is required for the installation.

KaminoFLEXis available in any cross section up to a diameter of 500 mm. Your chimney specialist will assess the cross section required for your heating system.

KaminoFLEXoffers warranted corrosion resistance!

KaminoFLEXis available as coils up to 50 lin. m. or on reels.

Why are so many chimneys affected by sooting?

Today's fireplaces are optimally aligned to people's wallets but not to their old chimneys with leaky joints and porous brickwork.

Oil and gas fuels with high dew points add their contribution to the sooting problem.

The combination of a low flue gas temperature, a high dew point of the fuels and the oversized cross section of your existing chimney is often the reason why the dew point of the flue gas is not outside the chimney where it should be but inside of it.

The consequence is sooting on the chimney walls and disintegration of the material with all risks involved.


What should be done?

You can have KaminoFLEX stainless steel pipes inserted into your chimney without having to slit your chimney open or dismantle it.

KaminoFLEX will protect your old chimney and prevent further condensation on its affected walls. The brickwork will dry up and the dangerous sulphurous acid will lose its aggressiveness through this.

KaminoFLEX is equally suitable for gas and oil fuels.

KaminoFLEX is a good thermal conductor and improves draught in each case. It also prevents the excessive accumulation of soot and dirt.

It goes without saying that KaminoFLEX can also be inserted in bent and inclined chimneys because KaminoFLEX is flexible!


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