KaminoTHERM unites best quality and aesthetic look. It is distinguished by a number of benefits that will convince you and increase your satisfaction.

What is KaminoTHERM?


KaminoTHERM element chimneys are used in:

  • Residential and industrial buildings
  • As indoor and outdoor chimneys
  • As isolated systems

Connection conduits for:

  • Air extraction systems
  • Bakery ovens
  • Tiled stoves
  • Open fireplaces etc.

They are approved by construction supervision authorities and suitable for gaseous, liquid and solid fuels.

All aspects favour KaminoTHERM

KaminoTHERM unites best quality and aesthetic look. It is distinguished by a number of benefits that will convince you and increase your satisfaction.

  • CE certification and surveillance by the regional institute for standard furnace material testing MPA
  • Minimum inner and outer material thickness is at least 0.6 mm.
  • All pre-shaped parts are fully welded instead of riveted or spot welded.
  • High corrosion resistance thanks to high-grade stainless steel materials (inner pipe: material no. 1.4404, outer casing: material no. 1.4301.)
  • Energy saving thanks to short element heat-up time which also improves the thermal conditions inside the chimney.
  • Smooth internal surfaces guarantee favourable flow conditions
  • Custom-made versions available on request
  • Ready for operation, assembly can be done at any weather
  • Low system weight, also suitable for upper storeys
  • No stresses in the outer casing because the thermal stress is borne by the inner pipe
  • Accessories for all imaginable applications
  • Ideal also as flue gas pipe (boiler chimney)
  • Most economical solution in almost all fields of application
  • Surface finish high-gloss, matt, grind, lacquered in RAL colour or copper-plated on request

KaminoTHERM is a pre-fabricated chimney with a wide range of applications

KaminoTHERM is used for:

  • Any type of standard furnace independent of the fuelling
  • Open fireplaces, tiled stoves etc.
  • Industrial systems of any kind

High-quality materials are used for KaminoTHERM chimneys such as material no. 1.4404 for the inner pipe and material no. 1.4301 for the outer casing. The insulating layer is 30 mm thick and consists of highly insulating mineral fibres. The stainless steel shells have a thickness of 0.6 mm. The shell in combination with the insulation layer provides a solid, structurally safe and stable chimney that withstands mechanical stresses well! The inner pipes as well as the outer casing are joined with tried and tested welding methods and we guarantee for their gas tightness.

The thermal conductivity of stainless steel is excellent. Stainless steel chimneys reach their optimal operating temperature in a very short time. The intermediate insulating layer ensures that the temperature is kept constant even at short switching intervals and provides for a high flue gas flow speed. These optimal thermal conditions finally also help to save energy. The constant flue gas temperature prevents condensation to a great extent and provides for good draught conditions.

KaminoTHERM chimneys are ready for operation and can be assembled at any weather.

Our well sorted range of available cross sections allows you to align the flue gas conduit precisely to your heating system.

The manufacturing process of KaminoTHERM elements in our factory guarantees perfect fitting accuracy and a brilliant surface finish. The structure of KaminoTHERM elements ensures that the inner shell absorbs the entire thermal expansion without affecting the outer shell. The joint connections with clamp bands provide for additional stability of the assembly.

All in all we can say that KaminoTHERM is safe and reliable.

It goes without saying that KaminoTHERM is suitable and approved for all fuel types. Corresponding certificates are available.

0432 - CPD - 219931

EN 1856 - 1

KaminoTHERM complies with the regulations of DIN EN 1856-1:2003-09 and the requirements of the CE certification as per annex ZA of DIN EN 1856-1:2003-09.

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