Stainless steel flue gas accessories, Chimney head claddings, Chimney cover plates, Double-wall chimney extensions, Single-wall chimney extensions, Expansion joint sheets, Deflector caps, Fastening accessories Silicone and other accessories.

Produktbild Kamino accessories

Stainless steel flue gas accessories

  • Chimney head claddings
  • Chimney cover plates
  • Double-wall chimney extensions
  • Single-wall chimney extensions
  • Expansion joint sheets
  • Deflector caps
  • Fastening accessories
  • Silicone and other accessories

Important notes
For any modification of the standard version an extra charge of 30 % will be added.

Extra charges
Custom versions on request

Return of goods
We will take back returned products only if the buyer informs us accordingly prior to the return and encloses the return voucher for undamaged goods in original packing.

We reserve the right to charge costs for taking back of at least 20 % of the goods' value according to the current price list.

Custom versions are excluded from return.

Our Terms and Conditions as well as other written agreements will apply.

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